What is the reverse engineering method and how to prepare it?

The engineering drawing is prepared by following different ways in that the reverse engineering is one of the different processes. Reverse engineering method is helpful to prepare the actual drawing of the object.

The engineering drawing prepared ways are.

  1. Thinking about the object of actual shape.
  2. Rough drawing prepared according from the expect shape.
  3. To prepare the 2D drawing with actual size from the rough drawing.
  4. The 2D drawing is completed with required dimensions then after make 3D model from 2D design.
  5. The 3D model is used to know the actual shape of the object.
  6. It is helpful for object modification and to know the weight of the object.

The above mentioned drawing ways are used for developing the model from the basic level to final stage.

Reverse Engineering


Reverse Engineering

In the reverse engineering process the designing prepared from the existing objects like casting products.

The casting products are developed according to the basic planning and which are following existing shape planning.

The casting products are not having proper shape before machining which are may be having a slightly changes.

These type of  engineering drawings are mostly prepared from casting products because since the object developers are not having proper design they have only basic plan to develop the objects according to the requirements.

The reverse engineering method is helpful for minimizing sizes of the object and developing time.

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