What are the Properties of Fluid and units

Properties of Fluid

The properties of fluid

  1. Specific Volume
  2. Specific Gravity
  3. Mass Density
  4. Weight Density
Properties of Fluid Description of properties Formula Dimensional Formula Units
Specific Volume The volume is occupied by unit mass of fluid is known as specific volume. v=V/M M‾¹L³  m³/kg

Specific Gravity

 Specific gravity is defined as the ratio of weight (or) mass density of a fluid to weight.

It is denoted by by “S”

S=ρ gas / ρ air

S=ρ liquid / ρ water

Mass  Density

Mass density defined as the ratio of mass of fluid to it’s volume.

It is denoted by symbol rho “ρ”

 ρ = V/M  M‾³ kg/ m³

Weight Density

 It is defined as the ratio of weight of fluid to its volume.It is denoted by the “W”  W=ρ x g   ML‾² T‾²  N/m³