Types of keys and How to use them

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Keys are machine elements used to prevent the relative rotational and axial motions between a shaft and parts mounted on it. Keys are types of fastener which are used to connect the cam, fully ,Sprockets , Gears. etc..

Types of keys

Types of keys

  1. Saddle keys
  2. Sunk keys
  3. Splines
  4. Tangent keys
  5. Round Keys

Sunk Keys and Saddle Keys

Saddle Keys

  1. Hollow Saddle key
  2. Flat Saddle key

Sunk Keys

  1. Square Sun key
  2. Rectangular Sun key
  • Parallel sunk key
  1. Gib – Head key
  2. Woodruff key (Adjustable keys)
  3. Feather key

Round Keys

  1. Taper pin
  2. Parallel pin

Saddle Keys

Saddle keys are fit into the key way provided in the key and is curved (or) flat on the shaft . Hollow saddle key and Flat saddle keys are used for light loads.

 Sunk Key

Sunk key is inserted between the shaft and hub to prevent the relative motion between them. These sunk keys are may be of square, rectangular, semicircular in cross sections.

The half of the sunk key is provided in the key of the shaft and the half in the key way of the hub.

Tangent keys

Tangent Keys are used for heavy duty shafts. The Tangent keys are used in pair at right angle to each other where key has to withstand torsion in one direction.

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