How to use edit commands (or) modify tool bar

Modify Toolbar

Modify toolbar has a interface of edit commands which are used to edit the existing drawing.  Modify toolbar located at the selection bar.

Modify toolbar commands are helpful for create drawings. Modify commands given below.

Modify Toolbar Command name
1 Erase
2 Copy
3 Mirror
4 Offset
5 Array
6 Move
7 Rotate
8 Scale
9 Stretch
10 Trim
11 Extend
12 Break at point
13 Break
14 Join
15 Chamfer
16 Fillet
17 Blend curves
18 Explode


Erase command select from modify toolbar and it is used for the erase of select unnecessary segments of drawing and particularly selected objects.see below figure how to use it.

1,2 and 3 circles are selected by erase command next click on enter in your keyboard then selected parts deleted.


Select command from modify bar. If you want to create same objects into more than one then copy command should be used for creating number of same objects. How to use copy command see below figure.

Copy of the objects


Select mirror command from modify toolbar. This tool is used for creates a mirrored copy of selected objects.

If you create drawing of similar segments of part then you draw only one segment of part it will represents the half of the drawing.

Select the half drawing mirror them across the line to create another half. how to use mirror command for similar segment see in below figure.



Select offset command from modify toolbar. To create similar objects with specified distance such as parallel lines,concentric circles and parallel lines. If you want create offset click on the offset command select object and create objects by specified distance.



Select the array command from the modify toolbar  and it is distributes objects copies into any combination of columns, rows and levels.

This will happen based on selecting axis  which indicates direction of array of the base segment.

How to developing copies objects by click on array command see in below figure.



Select move command from modify toolbar. If you want move drawing from one location to another location (or) attached to the part drawing by using the move command. It is mainly used for the assembly drawings.

Example: Created  nut and bolt see how to assembled by move command



Select the rotate command from modify toolbar. By using this command rotate the selected objects around a base point to an absolute angle. If you want rotate rotate the part drawing see in below figure.


1.Before selecting rotate command rotating of the specified component

2.Rotated drawing with angle and base point


Scale command is selected from the modify toolbar. Scale command is used for reducing (or) enlarging the selected objects but it is keeping same proposition of the object after scaling. Scaling is the process of adjusting the drawing sizes with same prepositions.

If you want to use scale command for the objects see in below figure.


  1. Before selecting command scale command drawing scale is 1:1.

2. Scaling of the object having a 1:2.


Select command from modify toolbar to trim objects select the boundaries.

Trim the unwanted lines.


Extend the lines to meet the other edge of the objects.


Chamfer selected from the modify toolbar. The distance and angles are specified to applied in the order to the select the objects.


Fillet is select from modify toolbar. It forms smooth edges.

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