How to understanding the short cut words in the Engineering Drawing

In the engineering drawing the short cut words are using frequently for understanding and also reducing the area of the words in the template.

The shortcut words are having depth of meaning behind.

The short cut words are easy to understanding before that you should know about the overall meaning of words and also where we are using in the  drawing.

    • The short cut words are mostly used for typical type of drawings.
  • Which are helping to understanding the meaning of the drawing.

short cut words

Short cut words

Short cut words are. 

  1. Central Plane (CP)
  2. Ground Line (GL)
  3. Ground Plane (GP)
  4. Center of Vision (CV)
  5. Axis of Vision (AV)
  6. Picture of plane (PP)
  7. Horizontal Plane (HP)
  8. Horizontal Line (HL)

Ground Line (GL)

The ground line is the line of intersection of the ground plane with the picture plane.

Ground Plane (GP)

The ground plane is a horizontal plane representing the ground on which the object is generally placed.

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