How to Understanding the Material Properties

Material Properties understanding by two ways which are .

  • Mechanical Properties
  • Physical Properties 

Material properties

Material properties are great significance for a design engineer. The machine parts are should be made of such material which has a suitable properties for condition of operation. Types of Stresses of a materials.

Mechanical Properties of Metals 

The mechanical properties of the metals which are associated with the ability of the materials to resist mechanical forces and loads. Machining Process Surface. 

  1. Strength
  2. Stiffness
  3. Elasticity
  4. Plasticity
  5. Ductility
  6. Malleability
  7. Machinability
  8. Toughness
  9. Brittleness
  10. Resilience
  11. Hardness
  12. Fatigue
  13. Creep

Strength :

Strength is the ability of a material to when the external loads are applied on the objects without breaking it is resisting the applied forces. The internal resistance offered by a apart of to an externally applied force is called strength.

Stiffness : 

Stiffness is the ability of material to resist the deformation under the stress. Measuring Instruments used in Production

Elasticity :

Elasticity is the property of material to regain it’s original shape after deformation. When the external forces are applied on the properties then the property gain the deformation. After applied external forces removed from property it gaining the original shape of the property. The Elasticity property is desirable for material used in tools and machines. Steel is more elastic limit then rubber.

Plasticity : 

The Plasticity is the property of material which retains the deformation produced under the load permanently. The plasticity property is the necessary for in forging process and in ornamental work. The Hole Tolerance and Shaft Tolerance with following the three pairs.

Physical Properties 

Physical properties of the metals include Colour, Size and Shape, Elasticity,density and thermal conductivity and melting point.

Below mentioned some of the Physical Properties.

Metal Melting Point Density Thermal Conductivity
Aluminium 660 2700 220
Bronze  1040 8730 67
Brass 950 8450 130
Cobalt 1490 8850 69.2
Copper 1083 8900 393.5
Cast iron 1300 7250 54.5
Monel metal 1350 8600 25.2
Silver 960 10500 420
Steel 1510 7850 50.2