How to understanding the Bill of material in engineering drawing

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The engineering assembly drawings has a one details chart which being with whole assembly parts details are provided in this chart In drawing language called as a Bill of material (BOM). 

Bill of material (BOM) providing complete list of parts, sub-component, intermediate and sub assemblies representing the quantity of each item required to produce an assembly. It is providing the detail information regarding the number of components of final assembly.

Bill of material

The primary information of bill of material is.

  • Item serial number
  • Item name or part name
  • Item code
  • Quantity of each item
  • Price of each item
  • Total cost of project

Uses of bill of material

  1. It is a simplest method of obtaining the part drawing information.
  2. Bill of material is used for optimized method of engineering in planning and purchasing.
  3. It is used for minimizes the manufacturing cost.
  4. It makes easier to prepare estimation.

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