How to do instance feature in unigraphics

Instance feature has two different variations one will be rectangular array and other will be circular array.

Instance feature:

This feature is also called as pattern feature. By using this we can do operations like copies a feature into rectangular and circular pattern.

Rectangular array:

Here we can see the application of tool for the rectangular body. Here we could not have any chance for circular feature.

Make pattern for features like rectangle ,square and circles over a particular body.

How to do rectangular array:

Initially draw the sketch of rectangular feature. Give the required thickness for particular sketch.

Draw the required sketch which we want to pattern and convert it into 3D model.

Now select the model to create it into number of features. Here select the Rectangular array and select required model and axis.

Place the distance between each and every feature then press ok.

  • Fig shows the  Rectangular pattern feature.


How to do circular array

Initially draw the sketch of circular feature. Give the required thickness for particular sketch.

Draw the circular sketch and convert it into 3d model. Here select the  circular array and select required model.

Assign the number of circles and give required angle between them. Select the point direction and select the axis.

  • Fig shows the  circular array.


Below video shows clear explanation

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