How to do face milling operations in nx cam

Face milling process is used in the removal of extra material to get the final product or component.

face milling

Here by applying the operations over a raw material by using CAM.

CAM is process which creates a G-CODES and M-CODES for a different kind of CNC machines.

Simply we can call it as code generating process for a product.

Process involved in creation of face milling operation

  • Create a required model using sketch tools and model tools.
  • Let me take a model as RECTANGLE with dimensions 50 mm x 25 mm.
  • Over this rectangle create one more rectangle with dimensions greater then First rectangle.
  • Now first rectangle act as a part and secondary rectangle act as work piece.

Selection of machine:

  • Select the Cam general, Planar mill.
  • Right click on name and select the Geometric view.
  • Double Click on MOS and specify MCS.
  • While specifying the Z should be top side.
  • Double click on work piece and specify blank.
  • Now hide the blank make a right click on blank and select hide.
  • Now Double click on work piece and specify Part.
  • create operation select the face mill tool and keep Geometry as Work piece.
  • Now we are going to see FACE MILLING TOOL BAR and specify face boundary.
  • select the TOOL(mill).
  • Keep Diameter up to required and FLUTE LENGTH(material removal part length).
  • Tool axis :It should be (ZM AXIS).
  • CUT PATTERN:It may maintain as (ZIG -ZAG) OR (ZIG).
  • Now click on GENERATE and select verify press on 3D click on PLAY.
  • Save the required data and do it for all sides with same procedure.

face mill

Below video shows the explanation of face milling: