How many types of files used in Machine Shop

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The files are mostly used in the work shop as a hand tool. File is a hardened piece of high grade steel with slanting rows of teeth. The file are used for fine works from 100 to 200 mm and those for heavier work from 200 to 450 mm in length.

The file cut of teeth are divided into two types they are single cut and double cut.

Types of Files

 Single cut files.

Single cut files of teeth are cut parallel to other across the file at an angle of about 60To the center of the file.

Double cut files.

Double cut files have two sets of teeth the over cut teeth being cut at about 600 And the up cut at 75 to 80To the center line.

The shape of the file is its general outlines and cross sections.

 Types of Files

  1. Hand file
  2. Flat File
  3. Round file
  4. Square File
  5. Three Square file
  6. Half Round File
  7. Pillar File
  8. Warding File
  9. The rasp file
  10. Mill File

Grades of cut files

The files graded depending upon the cutting teethes pattern and their sizes. They are graded as bastard, rough, second cut, smooth and dead smooth.  The Rough grade file is not frequently used.

Grades are.

Bastard file cut

Rasp file Cut

Smooth File cut

Single file cut

Rough file cut

Double file cut

Second file cut

The some of the few recommended files are.

  1. Cross Filling
  2. Light Filling
  3. The Pinning of files
  4. The care of files
  5. Needle Files

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