Drawing edit commands in autocad

Drawing edit commandsEdit commands are used to modify the drawing according to require dimensions and shape of the drawing model.

BLOCK B-ENTER Opens block dialogue box. 
COLOR COL – ENTER Opens select color dialogue box. 
 CUSTOMIZE CUI – ENTER Opens customize user interface dialogue.
 DIMENSION STYLE  D-ENTER Opens dimension style manager interface.
 AD CENTER  DC-ENTER Opens design center interface.
 DIST  DI -ENTER Check a distance between selected points.
DIVIDE  DIV-ENTER Inserts point node a set division.
DO NUT  DO-ENTER Draw a solid do nut shape.
 D VIEW  DV – ENTER Perspective view.
ERASE E – ENTER Erase a selected drawing.
 IMAGE IM – ENTER Launch image manager.
JP GOUT JP GOUT-ENTER Creates a JPEG file of current drawings.
LAYER LA-ENTER Opens layer interface.
LEADER LE-ENTER Leader line with annotation(TEXT)
L.IST LI-ENTER Display information about drawing  in a text window.
LAYOUT LO-ENTER Creates a new layout Interface.
MOVE M-ENTER Move selection object from one place to another place.
MATCH PROPERTIES MA-ENTER Match properties of an object.
OFFSET O-ENTER Offset a selection create a number of object of copies  with certain distance.
OPTIONS OP-ENTER Open options dialogue box.
PAN P-ENTER To adjust drawing positions.
POLY LINE PL-ENTER Draw poly line.
PLOT CTRL-P Opens plot/print interface box.
PROPERTIES PR-ENTER Opens properties dialogue box.
PURGE PU-ENTER Opens purge interface box to remove unused elements.
RENAME REN – ENTER Opens rename interface box to rename blocks, layers, etc
ROTATE RO – ENTER Rotate a selection of objects.
SPELL SP – ENTER Spell check a selection – drawing check entire drawing.
TEXT T – ENTER Write text.
TABLE TB – ENTER Opens insert a table dialogue box.
TOOL PALETTES TP – ENTER Display tool palette interface box.
UNDO U – ENTER Select last command.
 UNITS UN – ENTER Display drawing unit interface.
 VIEW V – ENTER  Opens view Manager dialogue box.
W BLOCK W – ENTER Write a block.
EXPLODE X – ENTER Explode single segment to component parts.